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Dyeing of our yarns The secret in matching the colour perfectly
Keith Hendrie, who runs the dyeing plant in the South of Scotland explains: Colouration has been on the site for over 100 years, using the naturally soft Scottish water from our own well.

Combining the expertise of generations of dyers and the latest technology, we ensure colour consistency and yarns that are superior in quality.

Dyeing natural dyes Natural dyes for dyeing tartan colours have passed into history to be replaced by modern reactive package dyeing, with superior fastness to washing and light, as well as brighter hues.
Dyeing matched by eye      Although the latest spectrophotometers are used in matching and recipe production, our dyers have the last say and colour is matched by eye.

There are approximately three million discernable shades in the spectrum and our dyers have probably seen them all twice in the course of their working lives.
Dyeing Dehumidification For gently drying, we have installed the latest Dehumidification plant, which ensures that the fibre is exact regain (moisture content) at the end of the process. A certain moisture content is a prerequisite for the efficient weaving.

The Dyers motto: "We Dye to Live and Live to Die"
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