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 Position:		          Quality Assurance Technologist
Location: Perth, Scotland
Vacancy Reference: QA
Closing Date: To be confirmed.

We require a Quality Assurance Technologist to join our production team at our head office in Perth, Scotland.

The duties include:

* Fabric examination and fault identification. Establish reasons for faults and work with supply chain to rectify and implement change for improvement.

* Colour matching, colour development and shade passing.

* Yarn specification and testing.

* Together with the Design team, an involvement in product development- from yarn selection through to management of finished products.

* Interaction and qualitative management with the company's suppliers - dyers, yarn suppliers and finished product manufacturers.

* Interaction and qualitative management (in conjunction with and at the Direction of the Sales Director and Production Director) with selected customers. In conjunction with both the sales team and the design team the testing and documentation of customer specification and test results.

* Development and testing of fabric. Working in conjunction with the design team testing fabrics for abrasion, pilling, wet dry crocking, colour fastness and FR testing.

* Interaction with our five main sites assisting the Production Director and team in all qualitative aspects of Manufacture and Progress monitoring and chasing.

This is a full time post, the company operates a 37.5 hour working week, Monday to Friday.

Please DO NOT e-mail your CV to us. The application form must be completed and sent to us by post.

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