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Weaving the Fabric Made in Scotland

Most of our fabric is woven in a small town in the Scottish Highlands, called Keith. Although our weaving mill is equipped with most modern looms, we don't discard the traditional weaving methods, especially for our fine tartan collection.

warping                    The first step in the weaving process is the warping of the fabric.
weaving dob cross                      For our traditional plain weaves, such as twills and tartans we still use the traditional Dob Cross looms. With these looms the original kilting salvedge is woven, which is a seamless end of the kilting fabric. Cheaper kilts on the market are mostly woven with the cheaper tuck in selvedge.
weaving dob cross chains                                        Each tartan has a definite set of Dob Cross chains, which distinguish the pattern of the tartan.
weaving jacquard                                                   Modern Jacquard looms enable us to weave intriquite designs for the soft furnishing market.
weaving on site
weaving looms                                                                        Our range of looms is as widespread as our range of fabrics., Here, e.g. a somet loom.
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